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Wall Signs

We love working with business wall signs. Think of the ways that signage adds visual appeal to the interior and exterior of buildings. Indoor business wall signs identify important locations. Colorful designs announce the entry to the break room and sections for different branches of a business. The same appeal is available on the outside area of any structure. Look no further than Signfab USA LLC for exceptional customer service. It’s a policy we’ve practiced consistently in over 35 years of business serving the southeast.


City and county compliance varies by area. A visionary drawing of your sign is created to attach to your permit request. We also discuss the project with professional engineers on an as needed basis and who must validate compliance on the permit application. Outdoor business wall signs are available as illuminated and lighted signs. They are affixed to the building’s exterior.


The graphics and design of a wall sign proudly announce your presence to the public as it sends the message you’ve chosen. Because your name is your brand, customers will see it and find their way to your door. Lighted cabinet signs have a custom-cut aluminum frame and use energy-efficient LED for lighting.

Both letter and cabinet signs are available in non-illuminated styles. Add a cheery decor with raceway lettering or have the letters placed apart. Choose from any font or design to reflect your business style. Our staff goes over the choices with you to be sure you get what you want.With over 35 years of experience and exceptional customer service, Signfab USA LLC can create the perfect sign for your. Give us a call today at (803) 794-4207 for a free quote and discover all we can do for you.
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