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Business pylon signs are an essential tool for strip malls and office groups. These signs run along the street and give information on the buildings and businesses in a complex. The design of these signs allows you to create an individual sign for each business with either plain text or customized graphics. Businesses can then take advantage of this individuality to have their business pylon signs work for them.

Typically, the pylon signs feature a light-box design. This allows them to be illuminated at night to continue their effectiveness after dark. They are then attached to a pole or a 3D fixture to secure their place and face both directions of traffic in an area. When set in place, they will remain as long as the businesses do.

​Property owners can then have a single company name removed from the business pylon signs as they leave the area as each individual panel is removable. A new business name is then easily added within a short period of time. That makes these a cost-effective choice and one that property owners don’t have to worry about a major overhaul each time a new business comes into their location.

If you’re ready to purchase a sign for your business, give us a call today. We strive to help our customers and ensure all their needs are being met. When you call us at (803) 794-4207 we will discuss the needs of your business. Together with our in-house design team, we will create a design that fits your needs.

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