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What are you doing to advertise your business? If you’re relying on a traditional sign above the front door, that might not be enough. Business pole-mounted signs are an exceptional way to draw customers into your business. These signs are available for most budgets and are found in both illuminated and non-illuminated styles.

Business pole signs can include full digital graphics, aluminum routed faces, or an LED digital display on one or both sides of your sign. Like all of our signs, our pole mounted signs can be lighted or non-lighted. These options allow you to find a sign that meets your budget and reach potential customers. Elevating your sign maximizes your visibility to potential customers.

​These signs are also designed to be placed away from the exterior of the building. They are freestanding and depending on the local ordinances, you can place them along the edge of a parking lot or along the sidewalk. That makes these freestanding pole mounted signs an effective marketing tool for your business.

​We use eye-catching designs and color schemes that draw attention to your advertising. When people pass by, they will take notice of these business pole signs and be drawn into your business.

​If you’re ready to purchase a sign for your business, give us a call today. We strive to help our customers and ensure all their needs are being met. When you call us at (803) 794-4207 we will discuss the needs of your business. Together with our in-house design team we will create a design that fits your needs.

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