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An LED Message Center offers many benefits that are both immediate and ongoing. But most importantly, installing a LED sign has been proven to increase business traffic by capturing the attention of potential customers with custom messages in vibrant colors. They provide instant advertisement for your business or organization. According to the US Small Business Administration, it is estimated that entrepreneurs who use LED displays and signs see anywhere from 25% to 155% increase in their business transactions and the sign will typically pay for itself within 11 months from those profits! In essence, the LED Message Center acts as a “salesperson” on the road that works 24/7. No other business signage works as hard.

Are LED’s hard to use? Absolutely not! You will use your own computer, with installed software, and connect wireless to the LED controller. You can easily use your own graphics and text to display your company’s services and promotional offers while extending your brand and presence.

At Signfab USA LLC, we offer a range of sizes and resolutions for your new LED display. From 4 mm to 15mm we offer the highest quality display at a fair price. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you to find which options best fit your need. All of our signs are custom-built for you.


Get the attention your business or organization deserves! An LED Message Center supports your effort to reach beyond the front door. Reach out to the community around you and reinforce your message.

  • Gold Hill Elementary School 9.5mm


Signfab USA LLC brings our customers top quality choices in LED message centers working with top manufacturers in the industry to ensure that your display truly stands out!
The Spectrum Outdoor LED Displays series by Signfab USA LLC offers a range of brilliant full-color options. With pitch options from 4 mm thru 15mm to choose from along with a brilliant 281 trillion color displays this full cabinet LED can be produced in a size that fits your needs. All closed modules are front and rear accessible for easy maintenance and installation plus they are IP67 rated.

Hyoco is our premium line of LEDs designed in the US. Hyoco uses 5mm Super-Oval Ultra Bright LEDs, pre-sorted and graded exclusively for Hyoco. These extremely high-quality LEDs are high-efficiency LEDs for better energy savings and a brighter output while providing a longer lifespan.

Hyoco’s cabinets allow their cabinets to endure extreme natural conditions. Hyoco has designed and manufactured signs that have endured and withstood natural disasters. Their modules are manufactured using high-quality GE Polymer, their exceptional high-quality 5mm Super-Oval LEDs, which together with Hyoco’s proprietary sealing and design allow them to use 8×8 Pixel Module while not sacrificing the superior quality. This allows the flexibility and finer resolution to better accommodate the dimensional constraints.

As the soul of the LED Display, the software is developed by a team of software engineers that results in a feature-rich software.


Knowledge is power! Understanding certain aspects of an LED display helps you make a decision that best fits your needs and desires.


Light Emitting Diodes or (LEDs) are similar to light bulbs but have no filament , are much more energy efficient and longer lasting. They also have an intense light – perfect for displays. The two most common LED types used to construct digital displays are DIP (dual in-line package) and SMD (surface mount device).

DIPs have been around for more than 50 years. In this design each LED protrudes out of the circuit board allowing each individual diode to be visible.

SMDs are a little newer technology that is preferred for high resolution LED displays. In this design each LED is mounted directly onto the circuit board. This technique allows for better viewing angles, especially on high-pitched LED displays. Another advantage of SMD technology includes exceptional color consistency for better picture and video quality.


Pixels are blocks of LEDs. A pixel typically has three or four DIP diodes per pixel or one SMD. Pixels are the individual diodes or clusters of LEDs that compose an LED module. A pixel is the smallest component on an LED display that can be controlled.


Modules are square or rectangular tiles that are organized into rows and columns. An LED display consists of a series of modules that are assembled together to create the size your LED display.


Matrix is the total number of pixels that a display contains. The greater this number the better the resolution of the screen. Essentially a higher matrix means there are more LEDs on the display board, which produces higher resolution.


Pitch is the most important term to know when purchasing an LED display. The pitch is the distance from pixel to pixel. The larger the pitch the lower the resolution. The higher the pitch the higher the resolution.